What does it mean to be a Kingsman? You would think British style plays the biggest part. It does in some ways, but there's more to it. It's your confidence, your attitude your mannerism. Without those attributes. The clothes on your backcan simply mean nothing. It's easy to look like a Kingsman but can truly be a Kingsman? Can you behave like a Kingsman? Can you win the hearts of those around you with a simple gesture of a handshake or a smile? Create a light with those necessary qualities and the clothes on you wear will shine even brighter.  

In collaboration with MR PORTER and Kingsman I present to you all a collection of garments that I find very desirable and can be seen in the upcoming Kingsman movie - Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

You can access the full Kingsman collection on MR PORTER 


Kingsman + Cutler And Gross Eggsy's Square-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses 
Kingsman Eggsy's Orange Faille-Trimmed Cotton-Velvet Tuxedo Jacket 
Kingsman Eggsy's Black Wool And Mohair-Blend Tuxedo Trousers